Real Butterfly Wing & Nature Inspired Jewelry PopkoShop

Handmade jewelry made with real butterfly wings & natural elements.
Necklaces with real wings and peacock feathers.
I sell my work at shows all year long.
BearFest 2012- Public Art Project : Mosaic Mirrored Bear, Easthampton City Arts

Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry - Nature Inspired Accessories

Working primarily with real butterfly wings, hand fused glass, silver, leaves and feathers- I create pieces that preserve each elements' natural beauty while expressing my love of color.

PopkoShop jewelry reuses real butterfly wings that were originally raised for Conservation and public education in live Butterfly Conservatories and natural gardens or farms. Raising butterflies for conservation increases the longevity of each species. Once they naturally expire, they are collected and I make jewelry to preserve them. Some butterflies live for a short 1-2 weeks, some (like monarchs) can live up to 6-9 months if not actively breeding.
It’s important to know that the butterflies I use are from safe sources, as butterflies have a fragile existence.

I love what I do!
I live in Western Massachusetts and work full time making jewelry. Im the hands and the heart of the business, I am the photographer, shipping department, customer service, graphic designer, social media and craft show coordinator. I design and create everything you see. I'm also the youngest of 5 sisters, and we all share the creative & entrepreneurial spirit. They keep me fueled for the handmakers fires!

I earned a Fine Arts Sculpture Degree from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2000. When the steel, plaster, cement and welding supplies wouldn’t fit in my space, my work got smaller...and smaller...until I found my passion of adorning people with natural jewels.

I sell my work online, at several boutiques across the US, and Northeast craft shows.

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My studio!
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