What Dining Room?
This simple little Red Hen has been my best selling item.
my messy desk
Goldi Locks & the 3 Bears Pokeberry Style!
Some of the little wood critters that have been born in my little shop.

A Little About Me and My Pokeberry Patch Folk Art

I am a Granny~Folk Artist living in rural South Carolina.
My artwork is always full of color. I love to illustrate animals, fairy tales and ballets for little ones and am always figuring out new ways to make things for my little 'peeps'. (what I call the grand kids when they come over.

My process for my wood items involves choosing just the right piece of wood, creating a design on paper or on my computer, drawing a pattern and cutting the wood after tracing my pattern. I sand the wood and transfer the detailed design then use my wood burner to create outlines for painting.

I paint carefully within my wood burned lines just like coloring in a color book--using non toxic paints . Afterwards I apply a natural resin seal to insure the paint will always remain pretty and the wood will not be easily damaged.

Finally I rub in a Beeswax polish that contains some essential oils --my own personal recipe.

All my art work is inspired by my faith, my love of nature & my great love for children especially my dear little grand-peeps.

I hope you enjoy my shop!
Pokeberry Mary
owner, maker, designer, curator
Here I am, doing it all by myself,
just like the Little Red Hen.

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