PoliticalCircus' Shop Announcement

It's The Political Circus! Live from Ottawa, Canada! Finger puppets of all of your favourite politicians! Collect them all!

If you want a bunch of different puppet, just email me and I'll create you your own listing. Any order over 2 and puppets cost $15 each. Buy 5 and get a 6th free! gabe(at)

Here is the complete listing of who is available:
John A MacDonald
Wilfrid Laurier
William Lyon Mackenzie King
Pierre Trudeau
Brian Mulroney
Jean Chretien
Paul Martin
Jack Layton
Darcy McGee
John Diefenbaker
Ed Broadbent
Joey Smallwood
Louis Riel
Tommy Douglas

Stephen Harper
Jim Flaherty
Tony Clement
Peter McKay
Bev Oda
Jason Kenny
John Baird
Vic Toews
Leona Aglukaq
Peter Kent
Joe Oliver
Dean Del Maestro

Justin Trudeau
Bob Rae
David McGuinty
Hedy Fry
Scott Brison

Thomas Mulcair
Nathan Cullen
Brian Topp
Nycole Turmel
Olivia Chow
Megan Leslie
Libby Davies
Peggy Nash
Andrew Cash
PL Dusseault
Ruth Ellen Brosseau
Paul Dewar
Charlie Angus

Elizabeth May

Jim Watson
Rob Ford
Naheed Nenshi

Dalton McGuinty
Andrea Horwath
Tim Hudak
Kathleen Wynne
Pauline Marois
Bob Chiarelli
Yasir Naqvi