PomponDesigns' Shop Announcement

Shop with sleep masks featured at Refinery29 and Cosmopolitan. Customized eye masks. Slep masks with text, cat, fox, panda, racoon, devil, sheep, angel and other funny designs. Shameless sleep mask with sequins. You will find elegant and classic style too!

As seen on Refinery29: http://www.refinery29.com/gift-guide#slide-17 and Cosmopolitan: http://www.cosmopolitan.gr/sheseis/self-life/article/21073/mood-of-the-monday-nothing-is-impossible/

Please contact me if you like my items but don't find here what you really want or if you have any requests or questions.

Visit my shops:
Bronze jewelry with glass enamel finish: WingsAndStings.etsy.com
Fiber jewelry, native jewelry, dreamcatcher bracelets: MesFantasies.etsy.com