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Repurposed terry cloth towels become accent pillows and door hangers!

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My (Suzanne) love for sewing began in the 1960’s when my grandmother taught me how to sew. That passion led to a career as a lingerie designer. I continued until Melissa was born and was fortunate to become a stay-at-home mom. With lots of free time, I began making home décor accents to spruce up our home affordably. Fast forward to 2009, Melissa was chatting with a co-worker who had an Etsy shop. We researched and PookieandJack was born! Pookie was a nickname we gave Melissa, Jack was her beloved cat.

Melissa was instrumental in teaching me how to use a computer and a digital camera to get our shop off the ground.

We love scouring different fabric stores to find the latest trend for home décor. I have always been inspired to create unique items and thinking outside the box, I find unconventional materials to repurpose such as napkins and tablecloths for pillow covers and terry cloth towels become accent pillows!

We are so thankful for our buyers and enjoy packing our items to make them feel like they are receiving a gift!

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Suzanne and Melissa
owner, designer, maker
Hi from Suzanne and Melissa, a mother-daughter home decor shop based in Las Vegas, NV. We carry a variety of items such as pillow covers, door hangers, accent pillows, wall art, and table decor.
Pookie and Jack
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