Popples' Shop Announcement

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(Please read this and my policy page before purchasing, or contacting me! -- Your question(s) have probably been answered in the FAQ that can be found on my policy page.)

FYI: Life keeps getting in the way of sewing time! -- I am hoping to list more new items at least once a month. If you follow along on my FB, I update there prior to every listing.

Welcome to C-Pop Commodities!

Please note: I do not currently have time for custom orders.

That said, thank you for being a part of this Etsy experience with me! Everything found here in C-Pop Commodities is 100% hand crafted by yours truly. It's a one woman show over here! I do everything for my shop, from the sewing to the packaging to the customer service.

If you have questions about anything found in my shop, please read on, and check out my policies page which contains a handy FAQ.

One more time, (with feeling!) I have absolutely no time for custom orders and unfortunately I don't see myself having any time for them in the near future. Thank you for your understanding!


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Just copy and paste this link into your browser. -- http://www.facebook.com/pages/C-Pop-Commodities -- To be sure that you will see all of my updates/raffles/etc., hover your mouse over the "like" button at the top of the page and then click "Get Notifications" and/or click "Follow." The more you interact with any given FB page, the more it will appear on your NewsFeed.

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I ship items once a week, that day is: FRIDAY.

All packages are shipped First-Class Mail unless otherwise specified. If you would like a package faster, contact me and we can figure what the extra cost will be for you and I'll send along a PayPal invoice.

All pads are pre-washed to maximize absorbency and all goodies come from a cat-friendly, smoke free home.

All listed products have been created and are ready to be shipped. What I have listed is what I have for sale. All items are sold first come first serve, I will no longer be reserving listings.

If you have any questions, that are not answered by my FAQ, please contact me.

If you have any issue and need to contact me about it, I welcome your contact. But please remember, I, like you, am a human being. A very busy human being, with very human feelings. Much like all other humans and we are all worthy of respect and courtesy .

ATTENTION: Please double check that your ETSY address is accurate! -- This goes for all customers, but especially if you are an international customer. Changing address' from domestic to international will take much longer on my end because Etsy has to do it for me. I am not currently able to change the shipping forms for international orders. So not only will you have to be invoiced for the extra shipping costs, it has the potential to delay the shipment of your package for several days. Save us all some time and ensure your ETSY address is accurate.