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Pattern Close Out Sale!
They are all priced at 1.99 each! Some were priced up to $20.00 and are now $1.99.

I Aim To Please!!!!! Customer happiness is my priority!!!

I'll be listing new vintage items as quickly as I can because I have quite a bit to list. So get ready to see some really beautiful items for some really reasonable prices.

Sort by :Lowest Price - and you'll see many vintage treasures that are "affordable"!
I've got hundreds more to list so check back often!

I ship international first class. I can not guarantee that once the package leaves the US that you will receive the package and I will not issue a refund. I've shipped to many countries and I've only lost one package to the UK ....which occurred because the customer gave an incomplete address. Feel free to request priority or express international to increase your package delivery outcome! Send me a message/convo...I'll add postage for your country.I ship international.

Honored To Have You As A Customer!

Thank You For Stopping By! Here You'll find many wonderful and unique Vintage Items. I've carefully chosen them and I hope that you find them beautiful and affordable.
I hope you'll find my collection unique, interesting and noteworthy. (Please note: I take pride in every item that I sell. I will always deliver great quality at a reduced price.

As you know..all of this jewelry is vintage ...which means 'used'! Most times I will use the semi-chrome, jewelry cleaner etc so that it will look lovely for you, however, sometimes I will not and leave that up to you. )

My wish for you is that you find something wonderful that you 'must have' in your collection. I've priced my items so that anyone can enjoy a vintage item.

I have been a Collector for over 40 years. I 'love' every single item that I've collected and I have enjoyed them over the years. I'm now ready to share them with those 'Refined and Tasteful' Etsy customers. I love it when someone else enjoys one of the beloved items that I've collected....I also can't wait until I empty the place they are stored....and start a new collection!
The 'thrill' is in enjoying the collection, sharing it, then beginning the 'hunt' again!

Postage will include a small nominal cost for packaging!

If you reside in a foreign country, just send me a message and I'll include postage for your country.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.