Hand Carved Art Rubber Stamps and Stamped Bags

A look at my own stamp collection that have personally made.

The story of Posh Binky Stamps

I started my etsy shop in 2010 and have been busy carving rubber stamps ever since. I became interested in stamp carving several years after experimenting with block printing for fabrics and t-shirts. I was carving rather large lino blocks and eventually starting carving out of here I am.

I do get quite a few in-house custom requests from my young daughter, who definitely gives me lots of inspiration for new stamp ideas. But normally I do my stamp orders made to order, but I do carve a few of my more popular ones ahead of time so that I can ship out immediately. After carving out a stamp and testing it, I package it up in a little cotton or muslin drawstring bag that I also sew myself - and include on the tag a stamped image of the stamp just created.

I do use the pink Speedball, Speedycarve material as I think it holds up the best and does not pill or degrade like some of the other stamp carving materials out there. Most of my stamps are unmounted as well (I will mount some of the really small stamps though). Unmounted stamps cuts down on shipping costs and many people now use the acrylic clear blocks to temporarily mount their stamps to anyways, so it definitely cuts down on space if you are becoming a huge stamp collector! Plus, they are easier to wash, especially if you use paint.

Right now I am in the process of creating some cute collections of muslin gift bags and fabric pencil cases that I will soon be adding to my shop...stay tuned!
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Hello to all the stamp lovers out there! My name is Jennifer and I got started making stamps several years ago when I was experimenting with block printing and soon it became a little addiction of mine. I LOVE stamp carving!