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PovertyJane's Shop Announcement

Hello. My name is Kate and I made things here, to share with you and your family.

Once upon a time, Poverty.Jane stood for something. It stood for a place that one passionate person (me) could share with others (you) the concepts of green living, recycling and encouraging others in the world, that they could make a difference on the impact of the world.

As my family is growing, my needs are expended from Poverty.Jane, and lovingly so, to my babies and our small farm.

I can no longer post anything to sell here because what the business meant to me 4 years ago, has changed. So when the listings you see here now expire, that will be the end of Poverty.Jane.

But always know that I appreciate the journey it took me on, the people I met, and the difference we all made, and continue to make, in the world.

Be in one my friends.


Someday, I will find time to walk upon a new path, my dream of a shop which will include my children and husband, The Art of Family. We have a shop opened, but have not attempted any creations, as of yet. But keep a look out for our opening. I hope it could appear within the year!

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