PowderRiverPaint's Shop Announcement

Powder River Paint is the premiere organic paint that will turn your projects into works of art.

We set cer­tain stan­dards that had to be met before we would put Powder River Paint on the market.

First it had to be organic. We didn’t want any­thing that had a plas­tic or rub­ber base. What we have is made of four major ingre­di­ents – tita­nium diox­ide, cal­cium car­bon­ate (chalk), clay and water. All are earth sub­stances. We do use uni­ver­sal tintss to mix our col­ors, but they are of such small quan­ti­ties as to be vir­tu­ally non-existent.

Sec­ondly it had to be attrac­tive.

Third it had to be easy to use.

Fourth it had to be tough. What we’ve found is that if you are going to do a rub back, you bet­ter rub back in the first hour. If it cures it is very dif­fi­cult to get a good rub back. I have had to use 80 grit sand paper to rub back after it cured overnight.

Lastly, it had to be suit­able for exte­rior as well as inte­rior sur­faces. We are so con­fi­dent in its har­di­ness that we are going to use it on the floor of one of our paint­ing rooms.

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