PreciousandPeculiar's Shop Announcement

Hello New Visitors Coming Over From Beauchamp Fontaine/Grace And Frankie Feature on The Houzz...!!!!!!!

NEWS! The Netflix series Grace and Frankie just premiered and one of my doily dream catchers is on the the beach house set and hanging by the patio doors! It was so exciting when Beauchamp Fontaine, the set decorator, purchased it several months ago!

P.S. I just launched my new Pillow Salts: Salt And Gemstone Pillow Sachets for Deep Rest, Clearing Energy & Dreaming! I'm so happy to finally have these in the shop.

I offer crystals and gemstones, vintage, bohemian decor, ritual kits, sachets, sacred geometry grids, jewelry, OOAK, dream catchers & mandalas. All things most precious and peculiar.

This isn't an assembly line operation. All items are either handmade or in the case of my stones, hand selected and your parcels are packed by me. Your visit just to browse is as important as a purchase. Etsy is a big and beautiful place so every visit or view is an honor.

Thank you so much! Laura

A note about the gemstones I offer:
You can be assured that even if you are not particularly sensitive to gemstone energy and just love stones to love them, you will feel something in the pieces I choose that is personal, powerful and yet loving all at the same time. I source from local vendors to save on shipping and I will only buy from suppliers who have direct connections with the mines.

While I (and many other people) have had wonderfully healing experiences working with gemstones, purchasing them from me should not be considered a promise of results or a replacement for professional medical care of any kind, including counseling. This is an item you may purchase for its beauty and quality, but not because I have promised financial, emotional or physical wellness.

Some have suggested that we sellers include lines in our listings indicating that our descriptions should be considered entertainment. I draw the line there. While occasionally I include wildly humorous anecdotes in my listings, there is nothing about my own work, experience, knowledge or understanding of subtle energy and vibrational healing that is meant to entertain the masses.

Thank you so much for taking a peek! Laura

precious: dear; beloved.
peculiar: distinct from all others.

NEW NOTE: I have changed my shipping dates and now ship once a week, usually on Fridays. I apologize for any inconvenience, but I'm a one woman show and this will help me devote time to creating more magic and filling my shop. If you have ordered in the past then you know your package is worth the few extra days, If this is the first order, you are in for a treat! Much love, Laura

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.