PreciousandPeculiar's Shop Announcement

A boutique experience. Crystals and gemstones, vintage, bohemian decor, ritual kits, sachets, sacred geometry grids, jewelry, OOAK, dream catchers & mandalas. All things most precious and peculiar.

I love marketplaces, boutiques, souks, emporiums and bazaars. Colorful tents and incense burning, tables stacked high with gorgeous linens, silks and velvet, bins positively brimming with vibrantly colored gemstones. As I wander the aisles my eyes take in the rows upon rows of thick old books and journals, baskets heaped with vintage jewelry, jars of spices, herbs, vials of perfume and potions and the walls, hung with tapestries, strands of beads, bells and mirrors.

It is my hope that wandering through the sections of my shop will feel like stepping through a portal of the most magical kind.

I long to dispel the myth that sellers in this marketplace must have a defined brand and shops with a variety of entirely different items cannot survive alongside streamlined shops with clear themes. Etsy is a wonderful endless shopper's paradise and each of us has something to offer.

I make everything you see in the shop unless I specifically mention a collaboration with another artist or am offering offering gemstones. My "Altar Vignettes" have been praised by author Denise Linn and right away she saw that they are created with love.

My paper wallets were featured on Stylehive and Design Sponge. I was invited to create art for journalist swag bags at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and my collaged pieces have been prominently displayed in galleries throughout the Midwest.

It is my honor to host this space and invite you to browse and always remember, everything you see is one of a kind.

My packages are sent to you beautifully wrapped with care and should you choose to try an intuitive reading, always know that I will set aside everything else to focus only on you.

If you'd like to know more, I'd be overjoyed if you stopped by my blog or checked out my facebook page, please slip by the smoke and mirrors and join us.


precious: dear; beloved.
peculiar: distinct from all others.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.