PrettyFunThings' Shop Announcement

Drawing inspiration from books, old photos, and both natural and artificial color, I have always found a sanctuary in creating things. With a pinch of excitement and a heap of imagination, I'm always thinking of new ways to celebrate and highlight the beauty in objects that are often overlooked in everyday life.

Playing with the imagination, Pretty Fun Things combines photography, the beautiful history of vintage dress pattern illustrations, magazines, letters, textile, books and stamps.

Be it a shocked little girl in the woods, a glamorous woman exploring exotic lands, or a suburban wife walking her tiger, everything dull comes colorfully to life in each whimsical scene. Once confined to the envelopes of vintage dress patterns or old magazines, these forgotten figures find new life in each original collage.

(Each peice is shown as both framed and unframed. Each piece is sold framed with a hook on the back for hanging, but the unframed is shown for clarity).

For more updates on my stock and exhibitions, please see my blog at and ! If you have any questions or requests, please send me a message!

PrettyFunThings' Sold Items