Procrastenabled's Shop Announcement

**Procrastenabled's etsy is on hiatus pending some new exciting stuff coming your way late June/early July...
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Mixed media art, graphic tees, art prints and housewares by Chris W Hamilton.

I design the images, stretch & expose the silkscreens, and print the tees in my studio.. I'm a one man band.

I've been working at home for some time now doing graphics, and this project was born from the jobs I didn't particularily enjoy.
While searching online for imagery to use in my other projects, I'd often get sidetracked and end up somewhere completely different than I originally intended, often discovering art and design I didn't expect to and didn't know existed. Somehow I ended up on tumblr, where I started a tumblr blog called procrastenabled, and a whole new level of procrastenation began. Here I collected imagery, art, pop culture and inspiration.
After a while I realized how many ideas had started to form, enabling my creativity and moving me forward; Procrastenabled.