A glimpse into the brick-and-mortar shop I used to have in Tuscaloosa!

a dreamer idealist curating funky, fun vintage clothing!

Prose & Palaver is an online vintage clothing shop where you can be yourself! We bring you funky, unassuming vintage clothing and goods.

Prose & Palaver was founded on traveling. Mandy, the owner and founder, loves to travel and treasure hunt. She has had a love affair with seeing the world from the age of 5 when she lived in Europe. Her lifestyle of tumbleweeding and vagabonding about the world has continued ever since. Mandy has lived in 3 different countries and 5 different states! All of the items in the shop have come from travels throughout the world.

Mandy's treasure hunting began in middle school when she would scour thrift stores looking for unique t-shirts. It was not until college that Mandy realized that her love for unique clothing was disguised as a love for vintage as almost all of her finds were in fact VINTAGE.

Opening a vintage clothing store was perfect for Mandy as she believed all people should have access to and be able to express themselves freely in their clothing, style, and life! Vintage offers one-of-a-kind pieces that you can wear to reflect who you are as an individual so you have the total freedom to be yourself!
owner, curator, Treasure Hunter, Traveler