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JoAnne Bassett creates 100% natural perfume from organic and wild crafted essential oils. My luxury perfumes are botanical fragrances and contain vintage essential oils and absolutes that are like fine wine; mellow and marvelous. These exclusive creations contain fragrant roses, gardenias, heliotrope, jasmine, honeysuckle and other flowers and botanicals grown in my garden. I macerate the flowers and plants in organic jojoba oil and tincture them in organic grape alcohol from organic grape alcohol from wine grapes.

I have been designing botanical fragrances since 1993. Being a Couture Natural Perfumer I also consider the healing aspects of the oils and utilize those with intention. I invite you to experience my couture creations that I hand blend and hand bottle. I invoke the Divine and as a Royal Alchemist I work with energy and intention. You will feel uplifting energy in my natural fragrances. Bespoke Custom perfumes are my specialty.

Natural fragrances are not like synthetic, commercial, department store fragrances. They will not last all day need to apply the fragrance to your skin or your clothing. Do not just smell them on a perfume blotter or from the bottle.

They can last from 2 hours to 8 hours or longer depending on the formula and your skin. For extreme self care I ask you to anoint yourself and reapply them. It is like giving yourself a blessing. The perfumes in organic jojoba oil have a higher concentration of the essential oils and absolutes so will last longer than the eau de perfume and eau de toilette in organic grape alcohol.

Do you need help CHOOSING A FRAGRANCE? Go to this information page.

My purpose is to Uplift Humanity's Consciousness Through Natural Perfume™.

My perfumes awaken the beauty within. My motto is: In my everyday life I am in service to others, but this, I do for me!

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I wrote a book "Sacred Scents" about my becoming a natural perfumer. It is sold on Amazon in print, audio and as an ebook on Kindle.


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