Getting Monty ready to model.
My husband Matt with our dog Sahara
We attend around 25 selling events a year around the state of Florida.
Puck is our purrfessional model.


My name is Kaysea and I make pet stuff. I'm a real animal lover and we have a very spoiled animal family. I have a cat named Ham, a sphynx cat named Puck, a dog named Sahara, and two horses named Pride and Montana. They all give me such purpose and make my life so full. My husband is former Navy and this business became the perfect portable job for frequent military moves. We now live in Gainesville FL while he is attending college. I have so much fun designing unique and colorful collars and my animals love to model them.
Owner, Collar Maker
My name is Kaysea and I love to make collars for my pets and yours.
Metal Stamper, Owner
Purrfessional Model
Assistant Feline
Assistant Canine

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