PulchraGems' Shop Announcement


We are temporarily closed. Just as a caterpiller retreats to its cocoon for its metamorphosis, so too is PulchraGems evolving into another form. We will return having spun off a new shop by the name of ZebraChique!

PulchraGems will become our bead-selling destash outlet. PulchraGems will also assume the role of ZebraChique's discount outlet. ZebraChique's grand opening is scheduled for the week of August 14th. This is also the date set for PulchraGem's return in its new form.

We are very excited about the changes we are making here at ZebraChique/PulchraGems and will have many customer loyalty reward programs!

Our designer has been very busy, barely able to sleep with all of those new designs running around in her head! The shops and the jewelry shall all undergo major transformations.

Come back and see us on August 14th!!!

Valerie @ PulchraGems and now, ZebraChique!