Pumayana's Shop Announcement

Welcome to the Pumayana Etsy Shop - with original artworks by French/Australian Visionary Artist - Aurélien Pumayana Floret.

First here is the intention behind the artwork:
The Intention
Within each of my Artworks: past, present and future; I place the Intention of the qualities of Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Compassion, Freedom, Prosperity, Abundance, Knowledge, Wisdom, Clarity, Health, Strength, Courage and Connection to All That Is.
Each artwork is made with those Vibrations that ripple in all directions in the Multiverse and create a grid around Gaia to set up a Frequency that facilitates the New Paradigm Shift on the planet.
Each artwork is a mirror; a transmitter and a portal of these qualities for every person; a place to hold it and share it. It assists us in uplifting our vibration to stay aligned with our True Nature. It enhances the Connection to all sentient beings with those prime qualities.
So be it.

Aurelien’s fine art is making the invisible visible in exquisite form.

He taps into the blueprints or templates of Creation; melding Sacred Geometry and Fractal Geometry with stunning blends of colour, allowing us to perceive the microcosmic and invisible worlds.

Each artwork holds it’s own key vibration that speaks to the hearts of viewers in a language beyond words.

By taking this art from screen to tangible form, we share a deep intention of uplifting vibrations and reminding people of who they really are.

Aurélien has created over 120 artworks over the last ten years, all of which can be viewed on his new website

Originally from France, he now resides in sunny Byron Bay Australia where he continues to follow his path.

Thank you for your interest and appreciation for this sacred art. Please feel free to contact us for more information. We wish you a miraculous day.

You can find more info and artwork on and visit my other Etsy shop Luminaya Healing Art.

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