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The ingredients that I exclude are:
Nano Particles
Artificial Dyes
Talc(associated to cancer)
Bismuth Oxychloride by-product of the lead and copper processing
Petro Chemicals (fuel by-products ie: Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Petroleum Jelly, Mineral Oil)

Chances are that if a mineral makeup seller/company doesnt specify their items are free of these chemicals, and many others,or tell you EXACTLY what is in the ingredients. Confirm each mineral product is 100% pure, and free of HARMFUL NATURAL MINERALS and other ingredients associated with health risks, as well as artificial/chemical dyes. THEIR LINE IS NOT TOXIN FREE ! ******

A lot of mica has been pre-dyed with D&C Colors and Lakes and are not 100% natural in it's original form. A seller may even think their line is pure and it isnt! You gotta research. Not just say oh, look pretty color of mica, I will use that in my shadow, foundation, blush when I formulate it. All mica comes pre-mixed with other ingredients when bought in bulk. In alot of cases that may be Aluminum or Bismuth Oxychloride. Bismuth Oxychloride is a byproduct of the lead and copper manufacturing process. It's a mineral true.... But not one that comes from the earth.

I've seen mica's premixed with epoxy copolymer (an adhesive that gives is a fantastic sheen). Many are dyed with chemical dyes such as lakes and D&C colors which are all chemicals. You have to know what is in that mica before you buy it! It isnt just mica!*****

I research each ingredient with my suppliers before I purchase and if it doesnt meet my standard concerning controversial minerals, and chemicals I do not buy it! PERIOD! I do not care how pretty it is! You will not see any of the products formulated by me with that mica in it.

I spend a lot of time and energy formulating and testing products, as well as money to bring you a healthy product which is a step above all the so called natural cosmetics on the market!

Each item is hand made by me as the creativity of the Father flows through me :) God Bless Each of You!


Hello, I just have to tell you that I have been a Clinique girl for years, but today I am wearing your shadows that I just purchased and I can honestly say not any more! Your product is amazing! My only dilema is what colors to try next and what to do with all my old stuff! Thank you so much! by MsSariLynne

I just wanted to let you know that your eye colors are great. I have severe allergies. I take shots and oral medication and have to use eye allergy drops. I have not had one bit of trouble with any of the colors I bought from you. I appreciate your prices and service. I am very happy to support your store and service.

These are all incredible. The colors are so smooth and they don't crease and they stay on true all day. Thanks so much for a superior product. A+++++++. BTW I have tried almost every brand out there. Also I worked in the salon and spa industry for 8 years. Thanks Freewiredesigns

Great seller, amazing product. I am a cosmetic manager of a large boutique and these eyeshadows out do many products on the market right now! I will definately purchase more in the future! ShopTrik

Hi Mechelle, I am a bit of a make-up addict, and I feel so naturally beautiful in your products. Knowing they are not packed with nasty chemicals is such a bonus, but in reality they perform BETTER than high end cosmetics too. I used to buy Clinique ($39 for a lip color, $55 for a foundation), and I never, ever had the customer satisfaction I have now buying from your store. I can't wait to try your new products, and thank you for making beauty buying so much fun too. Kindest wishes from, Anna

I purchased many shadows from you last year. they are still going strong. I just wanted you to know how much I love them. My home is the one all of the girls gather to before heading out on the weekends. I have a 16 year old and before every dance they all arrive and my daughter and 5 friends use your shadows to create such beautiful eyes. I used to have to run to the store every month to replace the colors my daughter had and to find the latest in color on the store shelf. Your products solve all that. I love that you can use them wet or dry, I LOVE the junebug color and dragonfly. Your products are wonderful! Take it from me... a mom who constantly has a revolving door for the girls to put on makeup...your things are top of the line and I know for a fact I would be broke buying them from a department store. Thank you, Martha S.