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Crafting soy candles and now it is curing time.
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Behind my true passion: Pure Palette Scents

My name is Usa Leckenby, and I'm a creator, maker, blender and marketing director of Pure Palette. I'm originally from Thailand and came here long ago to learn and explore the western world. After graduation from a U.S. business college, I worked at a contemporary manufacture in Southern California where I had an opportunity to learn from furniture and rug designers as well as residential & commercial interior designers. I was inspired by them after working side by side with many talented designers on a daily basis.

Well, things changed after my family decided to move from California to Virginia. What I have learned from living the American dream is to never be afraid of change. Here I am, a self-taught product designer and Pure Palette is born. My own fragrance blended, hand poured soy candles along with natural products are now my passion.

Pure Palette Scents is a very small one person studio based in Woodbridge, Virginia. In my studio, I craft pure soy candles using cotton wick, pure 100% essential oil(s), essential oil blend, and non GMO & Kosher certified soy wax,.

I have a great passion for using pure natural essential oils to create my unique natural botanical fragrances and using in perfumes and soy candles. My inspiration comes from helping my mother cook fragrant Thai cuisine for her restaurant customers in a small town of Chonburi,Thailand. My responsibility as a child was cleaning and preparing food ingredients for the restaurant before going to school in the morning. A love of fragrant herb derived aromas has been ingrained in me ever since.

Many of my scent creations send me back to my Asian root. My hobbies are cooking (I enjoy reading cooking recipe books), hiking, camping, ballroom dancing and traveling.
My love of creating fragrant aromas has led me into the handcrafted soy candle business. I have been crafting soy candles for a little over three years and now I feel it is the right time to recreate natural fragrances from oils that have been extracted from nature. Hiking in the U.S. East coast climate has given me a daily inspiration to create new natural fragrances.

You will find them in my pure certified essential oil soy candles collection. They are not only creating wonderful memorable scent in your home, they also give many health benefits such as calming, energizing, relaxing, and uplifting your mind & spirit.

Hope you find clean & beautiful handmade with passion home and body products here.


Usa Leckenby
owner, maker, designer, curator, Wrapper
Love making things on the stove, cooking, crafting soy candles, soaping and many other relating creations. My experience as product designer helps me building and seeing my own product line, name and packaging.
Kenzie Leckenby
My Little Assistance

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