PwiddyWiddoCods' Shop Announcement

Coloring art cards... FUN for everyone!

Pwiddy Widdo Cards are packs of art trading cards designed for you to color, decorate, keep, trade or sell. (Just don’t reproduce the designs, please.)

Each themed pack comes with 12 different cards in a colorful cardstock envelope with label for you to color and write your name on. (Colored pencils not included)

The color of the envelope may not be the color pictured.

The cards are printed on cardstock that easily accepts colored pencil, felt tip markers, gel pens,crayons,glue and glitter. They may be able to withstand some light paint.

Art trading cards are gaining in popularity. ATCs (Art Trading Cards) and ACEOs (Art Card Ediditions and Originals) are 2.5” x 3.5” cards that fit into standard trading card and sport card albums, sleeves and frames.


Not just children. Everybody likes to color!

Women, break these out when having coffee with the gals. It will keep everyone’s hands off the doughnuts!

Slip them into your child’s lunch box for a happy surprise.

Put them in your teen’s backpack.

Lay them out on the kitchen table on a rainy day.

Fasten them on top of a gift, or give them as prizes

Frame them, or put them on the fridge.

Write notes on the back and mail them to the grandparents.

Trade them with friends.

Keep them by the phone or T.V. to keep your hands busy instead of snacking.