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Quality Hammocks For All Your Pets!

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Announcement   We create durable and unique pet hammocks for all your pets, including pet rats, sugar gliders, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and dogs!


We create durable and unique pet hammocks for all your pets, including pet rats, sugar gliders, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats and dogs!

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I Create Quality Pet Hammocks For Rats, Ferrets, Chinchillas, Sugar Gliders, Rabbits, Cats and Dogs

Please note: I estimate my shipping costs for orders out of country as I have to weigh them first. Rest assured if you over pay me for shipping to your location I will refund your over payment back to your account. Thank you for shopping in my store. :>)

I started sewing hammocks for my pet rats back in 2002 and started offering them to the public in 2004. My first design was a simple double layered hammock that had four hide and peak openings. This design was created by trial and error of my pet rats chewing openings in their bedding to peek out and get better ventilation. I also discovered early on that my female rats were very good at chewing up fleece and turning it into nesting materials, which is actually a natural instinct on their parts and they can't help themselves, lol.

But their chewing made me start to look for other fabrics to use besides fleece that might seem less desirable or take more effort to chew into pieces.

I found if I used upholstery fabrics for the bottom's of my double layered hammocks they lasted longer, and thus this style hammock it still my number one design to this day.

I then started creating cage sets for a variety of people's pets. I tried working with flannels and knits, nylons and cottons, though these were light weight the thread stitching was closer together and harder to chew into pieces than the fleece was and added a little class and sparkle to their housing units.

It gave them comfort and privacy but also didn't overheat them. Using the lighter fabrics and strategic behavioral designs of hide and peek, that many animals demonstrate, I developed items that lasted longer because the places the animals needed openings or ventilation where already there for them.

Another thing I learned early on in my creations was, my pet rats loved to chew on the support straps or the inside seams of anything hanging. Therefore, I created all my components not to have any inside seams that can be chewed on or straps that can be chewed off.

I actually had ratties falling out of their hammocks in the middle of the night because they didn't realize chewing the support straps meant no more hanging housing. So to protect them and others pets I no longer create anything with a strap/tab. I use metal grommets in all my designs or metal key rings to hold the metal latches used to hang my designs.

I also learned that ratties are attracted to shiny things because I would find coins tucked under my pillows, lol. So I like using fabrics that are shiny or sparkly to attract the ratties to check them out. Many animals are attracted to shiny things actually, not just rats.

I've tried to create items that are sleeping areas as well a places to stash their food and play on too. My swing hammocks teach them agility and problem solving skills and my mats offer a place to hide goodies in. :>)

I'm always thinking out of the box and trying new designs for people's pets. One of my latest is my Calzone pouch hammock. It attaches to the back or side of the cage and doubles as a bonding/carrying pouch as well. I just listed them so check them out.

Over the years I've had mice, gerbils, hamsters, ratties, bunnies, guinea pigs, ferrets, cats, dogs and horses. So I have a good animal behavior background on many pets. I also was a vendor at a sugar glider convention and got to spend the day with 30 of them, so I understand and learned about them too. I have friends with chinchilla's and have learned a lot about their needs also. I am a real animal lover. :>)

Thanks for shopping in my store. I really appreciate it, as my cage sets are very detailed and time consuming to create. I never get my time or supplies back out so my creations are truly a labor of love, a hobby I do to make people's pets happy and contented.

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