QualityVintagefinds' Shop Announcement

Hello and welcome to our shop!
Here you will find a variety of beautiful, quality items such as handbags, messenger bags, laptop cases, etc.

I myself am a seamstress and sew handbags & accessories { head over to our shop } and I am inspired by quality and creativity of vintage items. I feel like items were made to last longer back then and just holding an item you can feel it's high quality. I go to many different places to find these Americana bags and since my closet is full, I decided to sell the ones I find and just can't walk away from without buying :)

When deciding to purchase a new item I look for the quality in the materials, the metals and accessories of the item, the stitches, how clean it is, the strength of the item, the brand, and the special details that separates the item from our modern purses.

Each item I buy is then cleaned and disinfected, repaired if needed, photographed, measured, and placed in our shop. I only choose items that I truly love and with the thought that you will too.