QueenoftheCatPeople's Shop Announcement

Jewelry plays a large part in the events of all cultures and historical periods. It expresses individuality and radical ideas, marks status and class, wins love and favor, and occasionally topples entire empires. Jewelry is as much an art form as painting or sculpture, and can help a person discover that they too are a great piece of art.

Queen of the Cat People creates individual pieces and sets of jewelry to capture any and all aspects of this interstitial art form, inspired by many historical eras and movements. Styles I work in include Gothic, Steampunk, Neovictorian, Neopagan, New Age, Geek, and more. Due to my interest and experience with stone and color lore many of my pieces can be used as personal talismans or ritual items.

All items are handcrafted in combinations of stone, metal, glass, resin, seed beads, and clay. All polymer clay work is done entirely by hand. Custom work is not available at this time, but should be back soon.

Please see Store Policies section for more information on ordering and shipping, and check out the gallery site for previous custom work, our latest photo shoot, our blog, and pieces not yet available on Etsy: