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Here's a peak inside my Quilted Cupcake home studio. I'm inspired by the bright colors and creative chaos.
Handmade custom fabric garlands for any party you can imagine.
Fabric garlands are a favorite of mine. They can be used to decorate a birthday, candy buffet, wedding or shower event.
I love making burlap and lace banner garlands for weddings, showers, parties and home decor. Each has over 100 fabrics
Paper fan medallions add instant style to any party. I make paper rosettes in all colors with or without characters.

Handmade Fabric & Paper Decorations for Parties and More

I've been crafting my whole life. I can't imagine my life without making things. Some of my earliest memories are digging through my mom's button tin and playing with fabric scraps under the quilt frame as my mom and grandma hand-quilted.

I'm mostly self-taught, with lots of guidance and creative DNA from my crafty family.

My early career was spent as a party planner, handling all the details of planning corporate events. I've transitioned into a party stylist and maker. My shop offers party supplies for weddings, baby showers and birthdays. I love creating new party items, and coordinating handmade items to fit your event theme.

Whenever I need a creative boost, I head to one of my local thrift or antique stores. I love to look at the crazy things people have donated and find new uses for them. I fill my studio with repurposed treasures to keep me inspired. My favorites are vintage Fisher Price toys and hand-painted ceramics from the 1970's.
Jean Kake
A lifelong crafty gal, I enjoy all aspects of the creative process.

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