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Quisqualis was founded through our love of tropical plants with an emphasis on rare fruits, flowers, and the hidden treasures of the natural world. Many of these gems are from rain forests which are highly endangered. Our mission is to both delight and educate.

"Quisqualis" (pronounced "Kwis-kwal-is") is a Latin word which translates, "Who? What?" and is also a rare flowering plant, website, brand, and more. We also use Quisqualis as our trademark.

You can find out much more about the fascinating world of rare fruits and Quisqualis on the educational website.

Our logo and avatar is the "Q-Dragon," designed by dragon expert Christianna Cannon, which expresses our determination to satisfy our curiosity about worlds both natural and mythological.

The Q-Dragon logo, Q-Dragon, and Quisqualis are copyright © and/or trademarks - all rights reserved.