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About was created to share humorous, fun, silly, popular, inspirational, motivational, movie quotes, song lyrics and more, quotes and messages with the world through personalized keychains for yourself or your loved ones, with cute charms attached to them to match the quotes, and a letter initial to make it special and personalized. So if you give it to someone as a gift, it's sort of like giving them a greeting card with a note that means something, but one they'll actually want to keep and carry around with them to always be reminded of the message you want to share.

Or get them for yourself to have some type of funny, motivational, and so on, message right at your fingertips or in your pocket to remind yourself of your favorite quote you want to live by, or quote that means something to you, quote you use to remind yourself of something, or a funny saying to pick your spirits up.

They're perfect to share with coworkers, moms, dads, uncles, aunts, cousins, children, nephews, nieces, friends, best friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, business teams, sports teams, cheer leading squads, gymnastics teams, mom groups, neighbors, graduates and so on.

Tell someone congrats on starting a new job, a new life, a new path, a new car, a new house. Commemorate a shared memory with a friend or family member, an inside joke or a funny meme. Tell someone congrats on a new marriage, a new child, a new business, or share keychains to celebrate a baby shower, wedding, bridal shower, milestones, birthday, new year, valentine's day, st patrick's day, easter, fourth of july, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, hanukkah, kwanza, other holidays, summer, winter, spring, fall, anniversary, a long distance move, first day of school, congrats on a report card, promotion, nailing an audition, health recovery or battling health issues, out of town visit, new mother in law or father in law, receiving an award, new pet, pet's birthday, idolizing your pet, new adoption, new step parent and so on.

Crack a joke, or say something special. Keep your business team connected and inspired whether it be through work, sports, family, and more. Or sometimes we just need a positive message, to give us a daily reminder of the things we cherish most and don't want to forget. The reasons are endless. New quotes keychains will regularly be posted so check back for more :)

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