QuotedMosaicCollage's Shop Announcement

Here you will find environmental art, art from recycled wrappers, paper, & packaging. Breweriana, brewery, beer bottle label art, and kitchen or bar fridge magnets, too. All my work is carefully created in a mosaic collage style using packaging lettering to spell out quotations. It's contemporary wall decor, environmentally friendly, with the focus on preserving the earth. And beer. Let us never forget the beer!

Here's a more serious explanation:
My work is divided into two themes. In the environmental theme, it is a response to our incredible consumption of goods. The amount of materials that are used to bring us food and other goods is staggering when you really think about it. There is layer after layer of plastic wrapping and cardboard packaging. When you look carefully at the packaging there is a large amount of design applied to it. I am trying to use that design in my work.

The other theme I am currently using is beer. All works here are made from six pack sleeves. Again, a large amount of design effort is put into those sleeves to create a desire for us to buy them. With so many great quotes and sayings about beer and alcohol, it had to be done!

What is amazing to me is how many of the letters and patterns people recognize without even realizing that they knew! Try it! See how many you find.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.