RAGGEDedgeGear's Shop Announcement

Sports wallets and gear bags built for people who are rough on their stuff. Made in America since 1997.
All orders placed before 10 AM EST ship same day, Mon - Fri. Typical arrival time in the US is 2-3 days.

RAGGEDedge started sometime in the middle of 1997. Our first slogan was: “Strength of a sail. Touch of an artist.” We were competitive J24 sailors with impressive sewing skills, a solid design sense, and the willingness to carve out a niche for our gear. We have always had a love affair with color, and our dream then was to work for ourselves making colorful sailcloth gear bags.

Sailcloth laminates were our material of choice because they are inherently very strong, lightweight, waterproof, don’t absorb orders, and wipe or hose out clean - all noteworthy features for a bag of any kind, but most especially a gear bag.

Our bags are awesome, but our extreme sports wallets are what get most of the attention around here. The first RAGGEDedge Gear wallet was born out of frustration. When Mud’s second or third surf style wallet fell apart in less than a year, she decided to make one. Using sailcloth laminate scraps from our gear bags, she made a trifold wallet based on the features of her last surf wallet. Little did we know the awesomeness of what she had just created.

That first wallet survived years of intense sailing, college life, and adventures. Today, our oldest wallets are nearing 7 years of daily use. We know from early customers that some of those wallets are still going strong, despite being used by people who consider themselves to be rough on their stuff. When we set out to make a better sports wallet, we had no idea what that really meant in terms of years. Seven years is mind boggling. To think that they might still have another couple of years use in them yet, makes us all smile.

Today, we make even better wallets (and bags) then when we started. We’ve spent the last seven years fine tuning our techniques, listening to customer feedback, improving our designs, and learning how to better utilize the strengths of our materials. Still, the question in our minds every day is, “Is it possible to make this better?” For that reason, our slogan today is, "All Gear is NOT Created Equal."


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