RAGGEDedgeGear's Shop Announcement

You Deserve a Great Wallet: Small Batch. Built-to-last. Rugged. Sailcloth Wallets and Gear Bags. Made, start to finish, in Floyd, VA.

RAGGEDedge started sometime in the middle of 1997. Our first slogan was: “Strength of a sail. Touch of an artist.” We were competitive J24 sailors with impressive sewing skills, a solid design sense, and the willingness to carve out a niche for our gear. We have always had a love affair with color; our dream then was to work for ourselves making colorful sailcloth gear bags.

What a long, strange trip it's been... And what we've come to is this:

We don't want you to have to buy a new wallet every year or two. We think that's a ridiculous waste of your money and the earth's resources. So we build ours to last, as good as we know how to build them. At a year, it's just getting broken in. At two, it'll have some character, a little shape, a little softness, but still plenty of life left. How long exactly, we can't say for sure. We know of customers still proudly rocking 8 year old relics.

That's what we mean, when we say built to last.


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