RETROLANDChicago's Shop Announcement

READY TO WEAR VINTAGE - items are Professionally cleaned & repaired by expensive specialists.

**Payment / Layaway Plans available.

We specialize in the 1960's & 70's. Our focus is on the fellow connoisseur & collector which is why we clean and restore our items for you.

Our client lists include celebrities, TV shows, movie & theater wardrobe, prop houses, & most importantly they are all return customers who shop frequently. Why? Because they get the garments without needing to do anything to them but alterations.

You will see a lot of our collection on TV, in movies, musicals, and more...I am currently working with a museum curator in Oregon doing an exhibit about psychedelic posters and their influence on fashion in the late 1960's. I will be giving a lecture when it opens in October 2017. I also will have many of my couture garments on display, as well as other super psychedelic clothing that they purchased from my collection.

We care a lot about our customers & offer an entirely different experience from other stores you've shopped with. I personally spend thousands every month for my customers. You may have also noticed we use mannequins to show the fit of clothing rather than models. We choose to put our money into cleaning our garments rather than paying models to wear dirty ones.

We take pride in having all our items cleaned / repaired by expensive expert specialists which gives my customers value for their money. There is NO other store like mine in the universe. I raise the bar for all other sellers in the vintage clothing business.

Why we are firm on our prices: The HUGE difference between our store and others is that all garments are inspected, repaired, & professionally cleaned by expensive vintage clothing specialists. Our cleaning bill every month is MORE than what people pay in rent for their brick n mortars. We pay a lot of $$$ for our items and have even more $ invested in cleaning them.

I have a health condition which causes me to be severely allergic to perfumes & cigarettes so this is another reason why you will not find items with these issues in my shop.

I am a collector and I have a bachelors degree in Fashion Marketing. I have an extensive education in costume history.

***I do NOT hold or reserve items without a deposit. I am happy to work with all budgets just message me to start the conversation. Thank you!

**I do NOT work with bloggers so please do not send your messages because they will get no response.

****My store is NOT a resource for other Sellers on this site: If you copy paste or steal my listings / include links from my store --- I will report you to my ATTORNEY and to Etsy, who will shut you down. All my listings are copyrighted. You might look up the word "plagiarism" and review its meaning.

Do NOT ask me to sell to you wholesale so you can put my items in your store. I do not like other sellers on this site who try their upmost to copy me. Put this effort into doing your own WORK. Just because we use the same site does not make being a copycat acceptable.

****I get many messages asking me for info on your own personal items found at thrift stores & estate sales Unless you want to sell me these items for wholesale prices, I do not respond to these messages.

If you want me to buy this item from you then please send me a message with:

1. Pictures - clear not blurred.
2. Condition issues including any alterations. Pictures of issues are helpful.
3. Your asking Price.

I put a lot into fixing and cleaning all my items so please understand this when looking at our prices, which reflect the restoration costs. Please remember this when sharing with me, your asking price. Thank you!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.