RPorteen's Shop Announcement

Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop! Here you will find fine art and custom made jewelry, some new, some made from vintage pieces. Robyn Porteen is an award winning photographer and fine artist. You will find some of these winning pieces available as pendants and fine art prints here in the shop.

Robyn is such a creative tour de force in creating new worlds, worlds that exist somewhere between the real and surreal, inhabited with amazing landscapes and thought provoking occupants. - Jerry Jones, Shadowhouse Creations

Her work is strangely familiar like a fleeting dream upon waking, or an altered state of déjà vu. Common things we take for granted become wonderous apparitions. Robyn takes delight in pointing out the simple wonders all around us. - Syd Krawczyk, Concept Digital Media

One may experience a new sense and awakening within their mind and an awareness that is between reality and surrealism, an intoxicating state where the viewer clamor’s to see what’s next. - Brian Bass, Bass Photography