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{{{About Me}}}

I'm an artist, writer, teacher, speaker and musician.

I travel, teach, perform, and create nonstop.

I am a magical creature!

And I’ve devoted most of my life to teaching others how to move through fear and confusion into creative expression. My background is in critical pedagogy/constructivist theory and educating for democracy with a concentration in Art and English. I have spent over 20 years in the public school classroom as a certified, licensed teacher, as well as in after-school and out of school programs that serve primarily at-risk youth, folks with disabilities and low-income communities. My work has always been with the forgotten, the overlooked and the under-funded. My heart beats for social justice, for equality, and for conscious awareness of my extreme privilege to be able to be of service in this life.

{{{Artist Statement}}}

The dreamcatcher-type pieces I create are an homage and tribute to the peoples who taught me the craft growing up in Oklahoma. I donate a portion of all of their sales to Indigenous Rights groups fighting climate change by blocking pipelines, tar sands, fracking and other methods of preserving sacred lands.

My work matters because the answers to the world’s problems will come from very, very creative people. To be able to engage in the creative process, to find your flow, to fully express something inside of you, creates healing.

And I am here to remind you we all need healing.

{{{About My Dream Catchers}}}

Perhaps they should be called "dream givers" ~ I learned to make them at camp growing up as a little girl in Oklahoma. I appreciate concerns about cultural appropriation and toward that end I emphasize these are aesthetic, not religious objects. They re-interpret a theme found all over the world (the decorated circle) and are a commentary on the future. That is why i use over 75% salvaged and recycled materials in my work, and why I donate a portion of all sales of them to indigenous rights groups fighting climate change by preserving sacred lands.

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May all beings be happy.
May all beings be free.

The future of the world depends on creativity.

Thanks for stopping by ~

rachael rice ☮

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