RafflesiaGems' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Rafflesia Gems
The name rafflessia comes from Rafflesia Arnoldii,the biggest flower in the world that only grows in Sumatra rainforests;I came upon a rafflesia several times when trekking in the jungles of west sumatra and jambi;many of my best quality stones comes from west sumatra and jambi,a land that I love so much and am so closely related,hence the name I decided for my shop
from this magical land comes out an exceptional stone,idocrase or vesuvianite from an area called Dharmasraya,I am really inlove with the stone for it's vividly range of greens
It can rival the best of emeralds
In this shop mainly I sell 2 kinds of stones
-Gems from Java
-Gems from Sumatra
usually most of the sumatra gemstones are of higher price than the ones in java,they are a much higher quality and more of a rarity ones also,they are all carved by my best friend Kwee Goan Siong and indonesian chinese in Padang,one of the best carver of stones of Indonesia