Ragstock's Shop Announcement

Welcome to the Ragstock family ! where wishes are fulfilled ! We are the hands that toil dillgently through miles of clothing and rags to bring you the best and brightest items for you to enhance, modify and resell !
We created this shop to supply you with used clothing for you to modify specifically for your shops on Etsy ! We are artists ourselves and are sensitive to the needs and feelngs of the artist. If you let us know the vibe and tone of what you are trying to accomplish, we will have a better understanding
of how to help you with your order ! We don't just toss stuff in a box. Our aim is to see each item through your eyes, that way we can assist you in being the best at your creations ! So, let us know a little about what you want to accomplish so we can serve you better ! Welcome to the Ragstock family were wishes are fulfilled !