RainedakotaArtistry's Shop Announcement

When a moment becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.
Welcome! My name is Tonya Strange. Like most artists, I am driven by this crazy innate need to create ~ and endlessly distracted ~ by a constant flow of creative ideas in everything around me. As an adult we are compelled to keep focus, stay on task and finish the project at hand. While prudent for productivity, 'ultra-focus' often gets in the way of the creative process. Thriving from the opposite end of the spectrum, I thrill to find a fountain of inspiration in the details of everything around me...sometimes just a color combination or clever use of embellishment catches my eye.

I have been celebrating memories through scrapbooking, for more years than I am willing to admit ~ you know, back when shaped scissors were all the rage ~ and it has been amazing to watch the scrapbook industry transform into the huge market it is today (and of course, who hasn't thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to purchase more products than we could ever use in a lifetime)? In 2006, I began selling scrapbook pieces on EBay. First, Designer Purse Albums® sprang to life. Shortly after, my love for architecture fused with my paper addiction ~ the outcome were Shaped Albums...in the forms of Dollhouses, Birthday Cakes, Gingerbread Houses, Cauldrons and more. With eclectic style and more products than I could ever use in a lifetime; I infused every piece with creativity and only the best materials.

I somewhat stumbled on the idea of creating jewelry. My obsession began when I created beaded handles for the Designer Purse Albums®. A buyer commented the handles would also make great bracelets, since they were removable and had working clasps. I then created charms for scrapbook projects and soon, a full blown jewelry business was born. For the last few years, I've sold exclusively at shows and not online, simply due to time constraints. However, I am thrilled to share my daughter, Colby, is now working with me in marketing, listings and shipping. She is incredibly talented with graphic design. I was amazed as she showed me her portfolio, to see her beautiful use of color, theme and balance. The proceeds from the online jewelry are going to her graphic design degree.

Thanks for taking a peek at my shop. Every item is created with love and a little bit of crazy. Enjoy. Tonya