RainingDreamsFotos' Shop Announcement

I have a Proper Photo Gallery Now the site is here: http://rainingdreams-jamesab.smugmug.com/ Copy and paste to be kept up to do date on prints, photos and more

~~~~~~~ Extremely High Quality Art at an Extremely Affordable Price ~~~~~~~

Handmade Photography Prints- All inspired by my love of nature, color, light and people. Works from National Parks, from as far as east meets the west, I travel for a living so my works are from a wide variety of places and themes. In my shop you will find photographs that are composites, landscape photography, HDR photography, lifestyle photography, street photography and all of the in-between.

A little piece of my heart and soul is in each image I create as it takes time and energy to create even one photo. I aim my photography to inspire all those that come into contact with it. I try with each photo to inspire all those willing to seek it. For there is Never just one Rain Drop never should there be just One Dream. Raining Dreams.

If you haven't already noticed, I have a very low mark up at this time, it may have to go up within the next few months, but I hope to always continue bringing realistically-affordable-high-quality-Art from me to you.

~~~ Not to Place a Sense of Urgency on You, but my photos will come and go, so get em while you can, I update frequently and due to the charge Etsy places upon us, I don't renew the cycling of photos due to the charge and due to my affordable pricing... so, just fair warning, get while you can before its gone and lost in my computer forever. ~~~ :-)

All prints in my shop can be ordered in smaller or larger sizes.
Don't see the size you're looking for? Please ask me...I'm here to help.

I offer discounts on those ordering prints of 6 or more. Tell me about em by convoing with me.

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