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Happy New Year!! Use coupon code Happy2016 for a 5% discount--and Returning Customers?? - Check your receipt for your special codes for additional savings!!

At RandomStuff--that's EXACTLy what you'll find! --RandomStuff!! You'll find handmade items, many crafted from vintage images & pieces-- vintage clothing, old stuff, stuff (handcrafted ink& fountain pens) that my husband makes-- yes! a lot of RandomStuff!!!

At craft shows around the Southeast--- I just love hearing people read the signage (RANDOMSTUFF, of course!), look around my booth--and say-- yes-- it IS a lot of RandomSTuff!! In my 'real life' booth-- I have a lot of things I do not list on etsy-such as lunchbox clocks, Scrabble board signs, game tile pendants, just a lot of fun & nostalgic things!! Hopefully, in 2016, I will expand my etsy shop to reflect those things--but as a full time crafter--I have to find balance too!! Please check out my website, www.randomstuffshop.com for an idea of what I make--AND come see me if you can!!
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Be sure to check out The Shop Sections for my RandomStuff! It'll help narrow your search a bit as I grow my inventory!
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When I had an antiques shop, one entire room was devoted to vintage clothes (and it was a GOOD sized room!) I still have boxes & boxes- they'll come out bit by bit! I keep a 'clothing corner' in my antique mall booth space- its always a lot of fun! ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD-- I try to keep my prices reasonable! I realize some of my garments could command quadruple the price in larger cities, but I ain't a Big City kinda gal!
Items over 1 lb gets the 'flat rate envelope or box rate". I will gladly recalculate for cheaper shipping rates for you!

INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS: I DO ship internationally- if there isn't a shipping price, its b/c it doesn't fit certain requirements for flat rate & will need to be figured after time of purchase.
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MY MANNEQUIN!! After a good many questions- I've decided to give her rather busty measurements as she REALLY fills out some things that I KNOW aren't that form-fitting on a real person!
The Bust is: 35"
The Waist is: 24"
The Hips are: 35"
Shoulders are 16"-they may extend further than real shoulders to allow for a nice hang.

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