Ratfancier's Shop Announcement

Welcome to the Bao Varakhii Rattery's Hammock Shoppe!

Pre-made hammock sets for the amusement of pet people who love to spoil their babies and still want their cage to look smart while they do it!

"Martin's Sized" set are designed to be a good fit for Martin's cages, and cages of comparable sizes with lots of shelves to fit among.

"Ferret Nation Sized" sets are designed to be a good fit for Ferret and Critter Nation sized cages, with lots of space to fill.

Looking for the rattery? Please visit:

Why I pre-make sets: I work by inspiration, and when something amuses me, I love to work on it! If I was waiting for orders and then just doing what folks want, I wouldn't be enjoying myself nearly so much!

Why I use loops instead of grommets: I don't like the sharp edges that grommets can sometimes leave when you press them closed, and I find my own rats are more likely to chew the fabric around a grommet than the fabric around a ribbon or cloth loop. Loops are easier to repair, either by sewing them shut or replacing them, saving the hammock for a longer use. If the loops cannot be repaired or replaced, it is easy to pop a grommet into the hammock corner and extend the life.

BE AWARE: flannel and cotton cloth can ravel when chewed and leave small strings. When holes are chewed all the way through the hammock, it should be discarded, as a hammock full of holes can be a hanging hazard!

Beanie baby rat toy is for size comparison only and not included with any set!