RavenCrossing's Shop Announcement

07-02-13: After two wonderful years offering unfettered customization of anything in the shop, I'm sorry to say that real life is finally interfering. My shop kept me sane during two long years of unemployment, and the more challenging the order the more fun I had making it. But I've finally landed a day job! Which I desperately need to pay my bills, and therefore it has to have priority. So I've struggled with this decision, and for a terrible (overwhelmed) week I thought I would just shut down the shop entirely, but what I've decided on is this compromise: I'm going to be taking down my book minis and any made-to-order listings, and I won't be accepting custom orders for the time being. I will, however, leave up anything that is ready-to-ship, and when I get some free time again (ha ha) I will try to lay in some back stock of the popular book minis so that I can re-list them on a ready-to-ship basis. But I can't create custom orders on the spur of the moment the way I could when I didn't have long work hours & wasn't exhausted between shifts. It sucks that being a retail wage slave is more likely to keep me fed, clothed and housed than doing creative work that I deeply enjoy, but the world is unfair. On the plus side, with a bit of disposable income I can now buy some new and interesting papers I had my eye on, so in the coming months I may start playing around with some new ideas and designs!

I've worked very hard on this shop and I don't want to abandon it out of hand. But for the time being, I've got to put my workbench on pause and just sell from existing stocks.

Welcome to Raven Crossing! Here we are all about paper - paper for all seasons, paper for all occasions, paper where you least expect it. The jewelry in this shop is all light as a feather regardless of size, and will stand up to a hard day's wear no matter how delicate it seems. (Just don't wear it in the shower, and try to have an umbrella handy in a downpour!)