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    • Anonymous user Reviewed by Anonymous on April 25, 2012
    • P. C. & W. Oak Battery Powered Call Box

      Packaged for safety and arrived in good condition. What an interesting item! Would definitely shop with him again. Thank you!

    • Anonymous user Reviewed by Anonymous on January 2, 2012
    • Vintage Ricardo Spurs

      I love old spurs, giddy dhhyup diddyup, riding her, my girlfriend, go you sozqw, soggy zizzy new years celebration love you/ no, I don't have a girlfruend currently/ wonder why? ha hum regret ha/ have fun everybody! Happy new year! eek eric wasshutup no I';m just jidding, being crude, oh, we're all bad boys, I'm working on that, sorry, I try to advance. Don't do v ery good on it. Hi hum. Another year, or every day, working on it./ ad nauseum, sit, study, breathe, in lotus poositiuon, energy heal. Heel, you damn dog, heel! Me, of course, raging to go, on anything but meditation. I try. so ... we move down the street, or eat a bag of chips, something. Agreeable. Blend. /I do my best, on the beast, tardy, lump, rock, melt upside down mountain in lower energy center, t'an t'ian, meditation each day, but it still doesnlt cut the cheese, oh, wait, wrong expression, put a dent in it, all this silly business, of life, a projected physical existence, when do I get behind it/my baldness or shaved or hand creme or boston creme, days, shallowness. I try. /But all joking and cute poetry aside/ the spurs have history, lonesome eyes, bad days, work a holic colic baby on the way family trying to earn a living in a dirty trade. Cowboy. Bouncy. Driving trucks. Driving women mad. Ha ha, he jokes to himself "as if" Unattractive to women, or not really, but no wife, no baby, getting on, close the door, beam thoughts, of peace, man in a mountain, in a suburban home. Involved. Hermit. Closer. To the way things are. To the bad community, to the good community. Closer. It is a ring a bell, an ornament, it is cute. Foreseeable future. This is a good life. It is. Almost, wacky, long stay welcome, hello. We all inch at the bit, bite, to say beautiful poetry. But can't quite. In our heads. Walk back to our usual life. /all this, has been a bit of beautiful poetry, warm thoughts, in the head. Walking through the winter snow. Glazed, donut snow, or something, please G

    • Vintage Remington Typewriter Working

      I just do the best I can. God bless all us that try. I can use the typewriter, for parts. Poor thing, was bounced around a bit. I cry. No, not really. Yes, really, in my soul, for all the garbage, and old things, and old people, forgotten too. I'm getting old too. It is sweet. To use these old things. Old words in me, hidden, sweet, small, innocent. God bless.

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