ReWoolables' Shop Announcement

I’m Marnie, passionately quirky owner of ReWoolables. My obsession is salvaging wool sweaters and turning them into something fun, bold and useful.

You're here because:
1. You don’t want an ordinary department store accessory.
2. You’re what I call, untypical. You dare to try a bright color or two.
3. Quirky is your normal. Handmade is just unique enough for your tastes.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting people like you. Your appreciation for all things interesting makes what I do…fun!

So why ReWoolables? After all, there's lots of wool repurposers. Well, I choose differently. Every bit of fiber used in my handmade felted wool items serves a purpose. When I’m creating, I let the fabric dictate its function. It guarantees that everything you find here is formed with quality. Think thick wool = slippers because who wants skimpy slippers? So I don’t force any fabric to become what it shouldn’t be. Cashmere sweaters will most likely wind up on hat brim or scarf because that would feel nice on your skin. Get it? I guess that’s the practical side of me.

The fun stuff is mixing patterns, funky buttons, bright and interesting colors to create something untypical. And everything is repurposed and upcycled. Even the liners for my handmade felted wool purses are repurposed! Plus, every item I make gives a clue to its previous life; you can tell it came from a sweater. This gives the piece history and elicits the reaction "wait....its what?"

Take pity on my family; in the warmer months I'm scouring garage sales and thrift stores religiously. They have to navigate around my huge bins of wool sweaters and scraps.

Always itching to felt and create, you can find me engaging with the handmade community. Inspiration comes from the most unique sources; connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest . Just search ReWoolables.

If you’ve got a special request convo me!

To get to know me better, check out my profile, for more about the shop head over to the about page
Thanks again for stopping by my shop! Now browse and find your untypical felted wool accessory.

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