RebellionBags' Shop Announcement

VACATION NOTICE ~ I'm traveling 4/5-4/13 and orders received will ship 4/14-4/416. Thanks again!
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Our new page encompasses our new brand name, Rebellion Bags, and what we stand for!
Making things by hand, locally and selling direct without a middleman. We take pride in our ability to create something beautiful with our hands that can be held in yours.
Our mission is to create handbags that are meant to be held, not just carried, while selling direct without department store mark-ups.
Retail is way over-rated...Xo's

Love...Hardwork...and an Idea.

In a dream I had 6 years ago, I took a pair of scissors to a tomato red leather sofa and made a handbag. I woke up and did just that. Well, I didn't have a tomato red sofa, but found that upholstery leather is the best made leather and makes wonderful handbags. I didn't know how to sew, and instead riveted the bag together, strung a belt I'd made through two holes and went to a trunk show. I pre-sold 7 at $400 each and decided that I'd better figure out how to make a handbag, for real!

What is it about a handbag that you like?
For me, it is the way it feels under my arm.
The way it makes whatever I'm wearing look better.
It all begins with the way it's made.

I believe that there is a hidden intelligence in the materials I gravitate towards. Leather; crystals; silk: all have a living nature inherent in their beauty. I work with these materials with honest admiration. It seems they are fully, absolutely and exactly what they are supposed to be. Isn't it me that needs work?

So my only rule is, I have to be in a good mood (usually am) before I make something. I believe that a great finished product is a combination of using the best materials (often the most expensive), and then enjoying the process of creating something from them.
If you will, connecting with the energy that exists in a potential state to bring an idea into something tangible.

So there it is...a little bit about what I make, and why, and the me that seems to go with it.

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