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Hi! Welcome to Reclaimed Objects!. Thank you for stopping by and viewing my shop. I am a Green company, specializing in unique Home and garden decor for your wedding and your home environment. I am inspired by nature and through Reclaimed Objects endeavor to bring the beauty of nature into your home, while re-using mirrors,driftwood,chandeliers, tables and Crosses and other found objects that might otherwise go to waste. Reclaimed Objects are unique and run the gambit from modern to rustic and are always one of a kind. Reclaimed Objects was born in 2009 when my sister, who is an artist, gave me a home and garden magazine and told me to look through it for inspiration, when I needed some extra income due to my husband loosing his job. I knew I'd do some form of crating as I had in the past made jewelery,blankets and rugs.This time,was different, as I didn't have much spare income, so my goal was to keep my expenses low. After looking through several magazines with nothing to show for my inspiration, I suddenly, to my surprise, noticed a picture of a mirror in the advertizement section of the magazine. The mirror was not what was advertized so the picture was quite small, but it was enough for me to see that it was made out of sticks! It got me to thinking about where I live on the water and all of the drift wood and other debris that washes up. My childhood dream to live on the water suddenly became more meaningful to me as the shoreline gave up numerous items to discover and collect. I am from a family of fishermen. crafters, collectors of antiques or anything that appears old. I enjoy looking for items that might have some sort of story or history behind it. Sometimes an unusual stone or a unique object would catch my eye along the trail, or at the bottom of a box at a flee market. I have a unique way of putting a collection of unusual items together and changing it into something else that is both useful and unique.Using mirrors,prisms,Chandeliers and driftwood as the focal point, I am able to allow the viewer to reflect on my finds.
It is my hope that these one of a kind objects that became a part of me become a part of you. By sharing the love of nature, my love of objects from the past and the joy of discovering something hidden, I am certain that my objects will create something that will bring the joy of discovery, evoke a certain distant past or future memory, or reclaim a spirit with in you as it has inspired me.
I was recognized by Etsy during the green contest In April 2010. Reclaimed Objects was featured on Etsy's front page,You can see a copy of this front-page treasury here: Show quoted:-)
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Reclaimed Objects entered The Daily Green's Trash-to-Craft Challenge and was nominated for the April Etsy Challenge and came in the top 20 nominees for the weekly Etsy Themes.

In February 2012, Cindy and Dave Strobel's unique home was featured in Houzz magazine in the Valentines to Home article. 50 Valentines to Home.My home contains many reclaimed objects. The one featured was a floater from a cow trough used as the newel post at the top of our outside spiral stair. We are feature no 44 of the fifty
Houzz users reveal how they knew their home was "the one" The link is below

I was recently featured in an article for the Down Home Magazine, the Spring edition in 2012 for my unique reclaimed objects.

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I am local to Dallas, Fort Worth area for easy delivery Also the Cedar Creek lake area, Kaufman,Tyler and Athens!
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