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have a seat and stay awhile, we find some fabulous mid century modern decor
we live on an old brick road in historic ohio
we think collections are better displayed together
our backyard is full of treasures repurposed as artistic yard decor
inventory . photography . inspiration room

for stylish vintage home decor & chic retro fashion alternatives

when we were young times were different :: products were made with a craftsmenship that can't be found in todays market. love & attention to detail was forged into these vintage items. things were made to be used for a long time, not discarded so quickly like today. this idea guaranteed a certain style & presence to what was made and bought during those eras.

recycle... buy vintage is a place where you can find those choice styles & well crafted vintage goods you remember. we have an eclectic assortment of decades, genres, styles and trends. you will find a wide array of treasures, that might make you smile, and say "i remember those".

we want to bring you real old school vintage not today's "vintage like". everyone who chooses vintage knows, that there is nothing like it.. vintage has it's own sense of cool that can't be duplicated by todays products.

and since we are artists at heart, you can always find something made by us in the shop somewhere, we tend to get creative!

enjoy our finds, my friends !!
xoxo kitty & gary
Kitty Branham-Nelson
owner, maker, designer, curator, Treasure hunter, Photographer, Shipping Dept, Cleaning Dept, Thinker of Much, Mommy, Wife
i adore the smell of vintage, it has an amazing nostalgia. i love weathered age & patina-- those are signs of a life lived. i have the soul of a designer and the heart of an artist. i am a day dreamer who follows her dreams.
Gary Nelson
owner, designer, Treasure Hunter, HandyMan, Repurposer, Father, Husband

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