Recycled wool mittens

Sweaters to mittens

My mittens are all made by me in my cozy basement sewing room.
I use Recycled Wool Sweaters that are purchased at second hand shops or donated to me by family and friends.
Each sweater is washed and dried before being taken apart and cut up.
I try to make to the most of each sweater while still making each pair of mittens unique and beautiful.
Once the outer layer is sewn I cut lining from soft, warm polar fleece. I love to colour coordinate and match the fleeces to accent the colours in the wool.

The "extras" you find in my shop are my way of using up wool scraps or just trying some new recycling ideas.

I have enjoyed selling my mittens locally since 2006.

Selling on-line has been a bit of a challenge because my biggest selling feature "try them on" is not available.

I look forward to making your winter warm and enjoyable with something unique and cozy from my shop,
owner, maker, designer
I am a stay at home mom who has enjoyed making and selling mittens and other recycled wool accessories since 2006.