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RedWolfCrafters is taking a short break.

My shop is temporarily closed for the time being.Sorry for any inconvinience.

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RedWolfCrafters' Shop Announcement

Custom order,pricing,and waiting list information below,please read thoroughly,I am currently closed on new custom orders aside from what is already listed:
Here at RedWolfCrafters,I specialize in handmade furry accessories.Need a snazzy realistic looking tail?Some cute paw gloves?A delightful furry cloak?An awesome Halloween costume that will wow all your friends?I've got it all covered.I can give you wolves,fox,cats,dogs,leopards,coyotes,even some birds!I can cover almost all of your furry cosplay or fursuit needs.
For samples of my previous work,and even some of my Native American hobby work(I list these occasionally) Check out my shop on facebook here:
I offer fan discounts and coupon codes via my facebook page!

CUSTOM ORDERS:I use airbrushed details on much of my work,should you not like the fabric selection I can offer you.

Exceptions with airbrushing:I cannot saturate a fur with color,my base is white usually.If you want something special,like different markings from a fursona,ask me.I will see what I can do.I can order solid colors for you(let's say purple) for a more vivid coloring,but you will have to pay for the fur by the yard.I currently have white,black,tan coyote,and blonde fox,ivory arctic fox,and white seal furs in stock.

The prices are estimates,my prices are based off of size,airbrushed colors and markings,please ask for more info.Prices will be higher if I have to custom order fur for you, they are about $15-$40 per yard depending on the type of fur.

Tails 6-12" Solid-$18,Airbrushed:$23,Detailed markings:$28+
Tails 16-18" Solid-$30,Airbrushed:$40,Detailed markings $48+
Tails 20-22" Solid- $40,Airbrushed: $50,Detailed markings $58+
Tails 24-26" Solid-$50,Airbrushed:$60,Detailed markings $68+
Tails 28-30" Solid-$60,Airbrushed:$70,Detailed markings $78+
Tails 32-34" Solid-$70,Airbrushed:$80,Detailed markings $88+
Anything higher than 34 inches please contact me for details.The prices generally increase in the increments shown.

Paw gloves no sleeves:Solid $65,Airbrushed $75,Detailed $85+
Paw gloves with 6 inch sleeves:Solid $70,Custom colors$80,Detailed $90+
Paw gloves are made with fleece pads.Sculpted claws are available but they cost $5 more.Prices are about $5 cheaper without pads,let me know before buying if you don't want them.Contact me if you want longer sleeves,these will cost more.
Furry ear hats(think a hood type hat):Solid-$60,Airbrushed:$70,Detailed:$80+
Cloak ear hats,length determines how long the hat is total:
16" Solid $70,Airbrushed $80,Detailed $90+
20" Solid $80,Airbrushed $90,Detailed $100+
24" Solid $90,Airbrushed $100,Detailed $110+
28" Solid $100,Airbrushed $110,Detailed $120+

Wild cloaks-These are ear cloaks with full paw sleeves coming off of them(paws have fleece pads and leather or sculpted claws) and a tail(about 6-18 inches,depending on the size of the cloak)attached to the back,these are very large items.Prices on them vary based on many factors,these prices are very rough estimates,contact me for more accurate prices and detail options.
16" cloak,12" tail-Solid $160,Airbrushed $180,Detailed $200+
20" cloak,14" tail-Solid $170,Airbrushed $190,Detailed $210+
24"cloak,16" tail-Solid $180,Airbrushed $200,Detailed $220+
28" cloak,18" tail-Solid $190,Airbrushed $210,Detailed $230+
Feet paws start at $120(I offer discounts of about $20 if you send me the shoes,contact me for details).
Sock paws start at $100

Fur cloaks start at $120 for solid color,$140 for airbrushed.These generally use 1/2-3/4 a yard of faux fur and other fabric.
I am no longer taking fursuit,or head commissions at this time.
My waiting list is sometimes long,it's first come first serve so please keep this in mind,but feel free to ask about it.Look at the bottom of this announcement for my current waiting list.

Please expect there to be some extra wait on shipping for custom work,generally about 2 weeks for most of the smaller items(per item if you order multiple items),depending on how busy I am.I WILL contact you on estimated times though.
All custom work is NOT refundable,due to the unique nature of it.I will allow you to see pics of your item at various points in progress and when finished.
I expect all payment up front ,but should you wish to cancel after I've begun work on your custom item I will allow only a 50% refund,as I would have still had to pay for material costs.Once work is completed and shipped it is no longer refundable.
Rush orders are available on limited request,contact me if you are interested.
ALLERGY INFO NOTE:I own a cat and a dog,and my cat likes to lay on my fur,so if you are allergic please be aware of this.

Current waiting list:
None,shop is closed for vacation

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.