RedwingBlackbird's Shop Announcement

All of my artwork is created primarily from commercially-rejected wood products, interesting vintage maps and photographs, cool scraps from old books and a variety of odd pieces. When a new home is built, it’s customary in America today, that all the wood features of the home (stair treads, flooring, moldings, etc.) look relatively uniform. My pieces use the rejected, non-uniform scraps - those with odd knots or unusual wood grains - salvaged from what would otherwise be firewood and appreciated for the uniqueness of each pieces’ individual character.

I sincerely believe that everyone should have beautiful things in their lives. If something here moves you, please talk to me and let's figure something out. Happiness should never break your bank account. In general, shipping and handling on my pieces is also negotiable. I like to work with the buyer to do what's best by them and the artwork.

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