RefindGoods' Shop Announcement

I'm donating half of the proceeds from my sales to our Louisiana family that we're sponsoring through Family to Family. Every month, besides our regular donation for food, we'll be able to send them household supplies, over-the-counter medicines and books. That's what I call a win-win!
Recycle...Reuse...Re-imagine! Consider me your on-line flea market. I'm offering an edited collection of found objects, textiles and art supplies to ignite your creativity. My hope is that these items will jump start that part of your brain that turns ideas into something concrete. Whether you sew, collage, sculpt, paint, or ????'ll find your raw materials here! My favorite things are vintage plastics, industrial metal, unusual textiles, and games. Sometimes I include an idea with each listing- something I've done with similar materials in the past. Bundle your purchase for reduced shipping! Please contact me if you think the combined shipping seems high...I'll do the best I can to keep the price down.

P.S. Don't be concerned by lack of feedback. I've been on Etsy for a loooong time with my sister store- Lorimarsha- where I sell my original designs.