ReinventEloise's Shop Announcement

Funky, fun, beautiful, elegant, ETHICAL clothes for festivals, gardens, fields, weddings and dancing! (You can wear them on the street too, it just doesn't scan.)

I am not interested in clothes, but I am moved by beauty, and love seeing a woman happy because she feels beautiful. (I love seeing men feel beautiful too, but my favourites are rugged and don't wear frills, so I leave their clothes to the less girly makers!) I have as little as possible to do with fashion, and prefer tending the land, teaching writing, playing an instrument, dancing tango, putting the world to rights and training my horse to do logging. I studied languages and live amid wild Dartmoor tors.

I handmake one-off eco-fashion designs from reclaimed materials, especially natural fibres such as cotton lace, denim, velvet, silk, plus remnants, vintage cloth and parachutes, and use second hand beads, shells and other found articles for decoration.

More ‘wearable art’ and environmental politics than fashion, I make accessories such as detachable sleeves, hats, bikinis and underwear, ‘hipster corsets’ and belts with landscape- and ethnic- inspired appliqué; gipsy-style skirts, camisoles, blouses and jackets, and flamboyant and folky party and wedding dresses.

I can sometimes have my arm twisted to do commissions.

These dresses are ethical, beautiful, unique, special and loved, which is why I price them quite highly on the whole. If you love them too but live on a shoestring, then tell me what they are worth to you. My prices are flexible and I don't mind some gentle haggling, so please message me if you cannot afford the advertised price and if you ask nicely I will consider your offer. Yours sincerely, Robin Hood :)